The management of the supply chain is one of the most important problems for a company, expecially when the number of components and suppliers is big. In the market it serves, WGT can sove some of those problems for customers delivering not only components but also pre-assembled kits.

One example of those KITS is the wheel support used mainly into front axles for tractors. It is composed by several items like:

  • Planetary carrier;
  • Planetary gears;
  • Bearings;
  • Ring gear;
  • Ring gear support;
  • Circlips (seeger rings);

WGT, taking also advantage of its sisters companies, can supply this assembly to its customers ready to be finally assembled. In this way time can be saved both for managing the suppliers and into production, quality for all the components is ensured by the same responsible company and finally prices are discussed as economies of scale.
The same thing can be done, similarly, for the rear axles.

"Solve your supply chain problems. Ask us first!"

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WGT is a company specialized in the production of ring gears, following the entire production process for the customer. And it does not end here.


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