The heat treatment is one of the most difficult process but at the same time one of the most important for mechanical components. The working life of those last ones strictly depends on the results of this production phase and the variables to be controlled are many. Apart from the micro-structural characteristics, to obtain small deformations on the pieces caused by the treatment temperatures is the main goal of a succeeding process of this kind. An this can be done only with a great experience in this field and the best technologies.

WGT owns a 810qm heat treatment plant composed by two main kind of treatment furnaces: nitriding and carburizing. In this way, it is able to complete the production process of ring gears inside choosing the best process according to specification. Mean- while it is also available as suppli- er of heat treatment for any other kind of product, ensuring the best quality control.

1 GAS NITRIDING FURNACEcapacity = 5ton
Nitriding is mainly the best choice for treatment of ring gears. Working at low temperatures (500°C - 550°C) it cause less deformations ensuring at the same time the best results in term of hardness and resistance to fatigue and wear. WGT's plant can nitride components from 0,5kg to 200kg (the first nitriding furnace has a capacity of 5ton), both steel and casting, keeping the white layer and brittleness under control. Another important topic for this kind of treatment is a correct removal of any residual oil particles from the surface of the piece that can prevent a homogeneous diffusion of nitride. To avoid this, WGT choose the best "state of art" hydrocarbon washing machine, the first one of this kind in China, able to guarantee the complete cleanliness agains a normal water based machine. Some materials: 42CrMo, 20CrMn, QT600, C45, 38CrMoAl, others...

Carburizing, instead, is maybe most diffused and easier comparing to the first one. WGT invested in a complete multipurpose system with two multi-chamber furnaces (1ton capacity each), 2 tempering furnaces, 1 vacuum cleaning machine and a subzero treatment furnace. Special designed basket able us to reduce lead times and give to the customer a better service.

To complete this field, WGT's lab can manage the common and required material tests, both physical and chemical, to ensure component's material characteristics and dimensions. A traceability procedure enable us to review the history of the treatment (cycles, temperatures, etc…) at any time for years ahead after the delivery of the piece to the customer ensuring a prompt reply in case of problems.

"Consistency and continuity of results is our first thought."

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