Gears have been used by mankind for many centuries. These are mechanical devices that force objects to create a rotary motion. The applications of ring gears are multiple: many ancient artifacts document the use of ring gears configuration within gear drives for chariots, clocks, locomotives and airplanes. Some of the earliest known gears were made from wood: these early ring gears were used in the area of text mills and grind mills. In the Middle Ages many gears were designed from stone. The ring gear technology quickly evolved into electric motors and steam engines during the industrial revolution.
Nowadays ring gears are the beating heart of:

  • Axles;
  • Transmissions;
  • Gearbox;
  • Gear reducers;
  • Power drives;

Wuxi Gear Tech Co.,Ltd is specialized in the production of ring gears following up all the production process, from the blank material (usually made by hot rolling) to the final heat treatment. And we have your formula to do that: we use the best "state of art" technologies, the only way you can achieve highest quality levels and cost competitiveness on mass production.
This formula is BROACHING + NITRIDING.

max ring gear ID = 450mmtool length = 3100mm
max ring gear h = 350mm 

By the first one we machine ring gears from 150mm up to 450mm of internal diameter (550mm OD), teeth's module 8, height up to 350mm, guaranteeing quality DIN 7/8. WGT has its own broaching machine, designed with suppliers according to years of experience in this field, fully automatic, with a capacity of 160TON.

By the second we ensure the wear resistance of the ring gear during thousands of working cycles but without loosing in quality. Our furnaces and our specific treatment cycles, working at lower temperatures and controlling the deformations during process, can reach customers requirements ensuring quality DIN 8.

Last but not the least, our procedures and our laboratory, equipped by chemical and physical testing machines, take care of the product at each step of its grow, identifying problems and tracing its story. "We know mother and father, who attended the birthdays and which gift they brought"

"What is important for you is more important for us."

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WGT is a company specialized in the production of ring gears, following the entire production process for the customer. And it does not end here.


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