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Wuxi Gear Tech Co., Ltd born in 2012 as a result of the collaboration between and Italian company with a long term experience in ring gears, broaching and heat treatment - CapiGroup - and a Chinese company already involved into the same market and specialized in precision machining - Wuxi Weifu Precision Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd - from an idea of the first.

Settled in Wuxi, into a delevoped area of a city with more than 6millions people and not far from the well known Shanghai (about 250km west), it covers an area of more than 4000sqm divided into two buidings, one for machining and one for heat treatment.

2012/11: Successful installation of Heat Treatment Carburizing plant
2012/10: Succeful installation of Broaching plant
2012/09: Successful installation of Heat Treatment nitriding plant
2012/09: Business Licence and establishing of the company;
2011/09: Project Start Up


  • Be the first manufacturer of ring gears in China for the local market;
  • To be leader in the broaching and heat treatment technology (especially gas nitriding) in the Chinese market;
  • To become partner and strategic supplier of foreign and chinese local OEM in our markets;
  • To not only supply single parts by a service to our customers, continuously improving quality, processes and price competitiveness;


  • As time goes by and welfare's demand is growing, Chinese market will require more and more hightech and quality products. Margins will fall down and the race will be between the one's able of "state fo art" processes with less human interactions (industrialization and reduction of labor cost) and best service;
  • We need to keep the pace with technology innovation and new equipment, we have to be avanguarde; constant improvement should be our company policy;

CapiGroup S.r.l. (Italy)
CapiGroup, is a company specialized in the production of epicycloidal ring gears and hobbed parts. CapiGroup’s knowledge and turnover has grown quickly because of the high investment done and the innovative technologies of the process and the plant. Within his production process the company is able to manage the whole production flow, following the workpiece throughout his birth: purchasing of the raw materials, turning, drilling, broaching, hobbing and gear shaping, as well as induction tempering, case hardening and nitriding treatment. From October 2010 CAPIGROUP is using a broaching machine of 200 tons, unique in Europe, that can obtain epicycloidal ring gears and other hobbed parts with 600mm of primitive diameter, thickness of 350mm and module 8 (DIN7/8), in a single step.

Via Brennero 2, Calliano (TN)
38060, Italy
+39 0464 821038

Wuxi Weifu Precision Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd (China)

202 Chengnan Rd., New District, Wuxi
214028, Jiangsu, P.R.C.
+86 (510) 000000

CapiGroup S.r.l.

Turnover(2012): 26ml€

Employment: 220 people

Covered area: 30000sqm

Wuxi Weifu Precision Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd

Turnover(2012): xxml€

Employment: xxx people

Covered area: xxxxxsqm

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WGT is a company specialized in the production of ring gears, following the entire production process for the customer. And it does not end here.


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